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TODAY 29. September 2020

The spring in Kováčová was discovered in the 19th century by a metal processing company called “Unionka” which was at the time searching for new coal deposits to meet the demands of the growing volume of production. The factory based in Zvolen planned 15 drills in the surrounding villages, one of which was constructed in Kováčová. The drilling took place in 1898 and everyone was quite surprised when thermal water gushed out of the 405m deep drill. This spring was the basis of the spa industry in Kováčová. 1960 saw the birth of the well K1, which was later in 1983 replaced by the current K2 well (depth 536 m). Historically, the spring has always belonged amongst Slovakia’s most plentiful sources of natural mineral water, as it still is today. It produces a volume of 50 l/s. The water in Kováčová is thermal, mineral, hypotonic and contains elements of sulphur, calcium, magnesium and hydrocarbonate. The temperature of the water at the source is 48.5 °C, in the pools of the spa it reaches up to 39 °C, and in the Holidaypark the temperature is 26 to 38 °C.
The water in the spa helps in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Local inhabitants observed that the water could help relieve the pain in their limbs and in rheumatism and decided to make use of these healing benefits by building a spa. The water has a positive effect on the treatment of neural conditions, conditions of the digestive system, conditions resulting from metabolic disorders and also problems related to endocrine glands. It helps in the treatment of kidney, urinary tract and female organ diseases.