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TODAY 29. September 2020

The Holidaypark Kováčová is situated in the Zvolen valley between the towns of Banská Bystrica and Zvolen – 20 km from Banska Bystrica and 5 km from Zvolen. On the northwest side of the Holidaypark lies the village of Kováčová surrounded by the Kremnica hills, with the Štiavnica hills to the southwest and the peaks of The Low Tatras and Great Fatra mountains to the north.
There are several attractive tourist destinations not far from the Holidaypark, accessible for cyclists and motorists.

Pustý hrad (The Deserted Castle)  is the ruin of a medieval castle which used to be the centre of social life in Zvolen valley up until the construction of Zvolen Castle. Pustý hrad, once called Starý hrad Zvolen (The Old Zvolen Castle), had been lost and forgotten for many years, slowly falling into ruin and well hidden among trees. Following archaeological research in the area, a group of volunteers from a civic association took matters in their own hands and renewed the castle which is now bustling with visitors once again. The top of the hill has been deforested and Pustý hrad once again dominates Zvolen and offers unique views. Visitors will appreciate various educational tourist routes and re-built structures. The hike to Pustý hrad is nice and you will be rewarded with breath-taking views, an enriching experience and a cold or hot drink that can be purchased from a private buffet near the top.

Drevený kostolík v Hronseku (The Wooden Church in Hronsek) is a historical monument registered in the UNESCO world heritage list. Hronsek is just 10 kilometres away from Kováčová, which makes it an ideal destination for a bicycle trip. The church was built in 1726. One of the most interesting facts connected with the construction of the church is that at the time of the construction the builder had to meet a number of curious conditions. Each county could only have two evangelical churches, and for the construction of the church the builders were allowed to use only wood and specifically no metal nails, it had to be built within one year, the door could not face the village and it couldn’t have a tower.

Špania Dolina is a hill top village with a well-preserved mining history, architecture and old crafts. It is 27 km from Kováčová, just behind the city of Banská Bystrica. You will enjoy taking a walk in the artificial hills that are remnants from the copper mining activities in the village. Or, you can take an educational tourist route and admire the unique miners’ calendar clock.

Fun Arena in Park Snow Donovaly Donovaly is an outdoor tourist centre which has one part situated in the national park of The Low Tatras and the other in the national park of The Great Fatra. It is situated 42 km from Kováčová and it is one of the best equipped mountain centres both in the winter and during the summer. In the winter the centre offers exquisite skiing opportunities. During the summer the visitors can enjoy hiking, cycling and summer family fun in the Fun Arena. The centre contains a climbing wall, toboggan run, a well-equipped children’s play park, and a lift going up to the summit of Nová Hoľa is in operation during the summer as well as through the winter season.

Habakuky When spending a holiday in our region, don’t forget to visit the extraordinary village of Habakuky in Donovaly. This village consists of all kinds of fantasy buildings inspired by the folk fairy tales collected by Dobšinský – Slovakia’s famous folk tale collector. You will feel as if you have entered a different world and you certainly won’t regret the experience.

Kremnica The town of mines and coinage, is only 33 km away from Kováčová. Kremnica is a popular tourist destination especially for those who want to discover the history of mining. The mining museum in the mine ‘Andrej’ will lead you through dark tunnels and deep shafts whilst wearing a head light and carrying torchlight. Visitors can take the nearby educational tourist route “Po stopách tisícročnej histórie baníctva v Kremnici” (Following the thousand year old history of mining in Kremnica). The museum of coins and medals in Kremnica (Múzeum mincí a medailí) operates under the watchful eye of the National Bank of Slovakia. A part of the museum is situated in a city castle with a tall tower that offers a beautiful view of Kremnica and the surrounding Kremnica hills.

Banská Štiavnica is about 30 km from Holidaypark Kováčová. Thanks to the unique and well preserved architecture of the town centre, its mining history and several unique technical monuments, Banská Štiavnica has made it onto the list of cultural and natural heritage sites recognised by UNESCO. In the town and its immediate proximity, you can find several mines open for visitors. Or maybe you will opt out for the local Slovak mining museum with 7 exhibitions – The Open Air Mining Museum (Banské museum v prírode), The Old Castle (Starý zámok), The New Castle (Nový zámok), Berggericht – The Mineralogical Exposition, Kammerhof – Mining in Slovakia, The Art museum of Jozef Kollár (Galéria Jozefa Kollára) and The Historical Water Tunnel ‘Glanzenberg’. Another destination worth visiting is Tajchy near Banská Štiavnica – the artificial water reservoirs accumulate rainfall and were formerly used in mining. Using troughs, the water power would run the mining machines. Nowadays, the many reservoirs are used for summer recreation. Also don’t forget to visit the Calvary - a unique set of churches and chapels situated on the single hill of Ostrý vrch.